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TCRC Bargaining Update

Dear Customer,


CP has issued following update to the industry:



“Today, CPKC filed its reply submission to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) pursuant to the deadline established by the CIRB as it considers the Federal Minister of Labour’s referral regarding maintenance of activities during a potential railway strike or lockout.


While it remains unclear how long it will take for the CIRB to issue a decision, based on precedent, it is unlikely the parties will be in a position to initiate a legal strike or lockout before mid-July or later. In any event, a legal strike or lockout cannot occur until at least 72 hours after the CIRB renders a decision.


Our customers, employees, and stakeholders want predictability and certainty restored. Our supply chains have been through so much disruption in recent years and are now having to plan for a possible railway work stoppage that could come at an unknown time and on very short notice. This represents a major challenge for Canada’s supply chains, which is causing avoidable damage to Canada’s international trade reputation. CPKC has requested the CIRB order that a strike or lockout cannot occur until 30 days after the date on which the CIRB issues its decision to allow stakeholders to plan for any potential work stoppage.


In response to the Ministerial referral, the TCRC proposed that the bargaining timelines of both CPKC and CN be staggered by two weeks to allow for further negotiation and potential staggered work stoppages. CPKC was prepared to consider such a proposal provided there was a mechanism to resolve any dispute if negotiations failed. The TCRC refused and appear fully committed to strike action.


CPKC’s offer to resolve any labour dispute through binding interest arbitration in order to avoid a work stoppage remains on the table. CPKC’s previous offers to the TCRC, both of which provide significant benefits to our employees and fully comply with new regulatory requirements for rest, also remain on the table. Neither offer compromises safety and to suggest otherwise is patently false.

We will continue providing regular updates to keep all stakeholders informed.


Access all our TCRC Bargaining Updates online here.”



Please be guided accordingly.





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