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The following excerpt is taken from the Montreal gazette:




The Port of Montreal’s 1,125 workers once again voted in favour of a strike on Tuesday, this time with 99.4 per cent support.

The workers include heavy equipment operators, signalmen, ship’s helpers, electricians and mechanics. They are members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, affiliated with the FTQ.

The workers had already voted 99.5 per cent in favour of strike action more than a year ago, in December 2018, but have not held a single walkout.


The strike is yet to happen because the Canada Industrial Relations Board needs to determine which essential services would be maintained during the strike.


The board began its hearings on essential services in February of last year.


At the federal level, essential services are defined as activities necessary “to prevent imminent and serious danger to the health and safety of the public.”


On the first day of hearings into the matter, the Maritime Employers Association had asked that, in the event of a strike, all dockworkers’ activities be maintained.


The union argued the request was exaggerated since there were other means of transport than ships and other ports than the one in Montreal.

Board hearings concluded last October. A decision on the essential services to be maintained during the strike is pending.


Given the lengthy delays, the union had also renewed its vote for the strike action between the first vote in December 2018 and this week’s vote. That makes Tuesday’s vote the third vote in favour of the strike.

The employers fear the strike’s economic repercussions, given the Port of Montreal’s strategic importance.




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