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Dear Customer,

The following excerpt is taken from a Customer Bulletin received from CN:



We would like to update you on the status of the rail blockades on our network.

Due to the ongoing blockades on our network, we have been forced to implement the first wave of temporary network shutdowns. We have stopped moving traffic between Western and Eastern Canada to Prince Rupert, B.C.. We have stopped moving most goods destined to Western Canada and the US Midwest from customers east of the Montreal area.

Upwards of 300 trains have been canceled since the blockades began six days ago. Further shutdowns on our Canadian network will occur over the next few days unless the blockades come to an end immediately. We are staging and parking trains across our network forcing us to close off sections of the network to further traffic.

These shutdowns are impacting multiple supply chains across North America, from municipalities that require water treatment chemicals, to Canadian grain farmed in the Prairies, to airports that use jet fuel and deicing fluid, to containerized traffic of household goods and fresh perishable food items, to propane from Western Canada and lumber in B.C..

A number of you have asked what you can do to help. We appreciate the support you have shown us and encourage you to contact your government representatives to explain how these blockades impact your business, your employees and your customers.

We know that rail transportation is critical to your business and the overall economic health of Canada and to the general public who rely on the many products that are shipped by rail. We truly regret the major disruption this has caused you and your business.

Our entire team is committed to returning to the level of reliable service to which you are accustomed once the blockades are removed. We expect that the recovery will require time and a disciplined approach which will necessitate the full use of our assets, now greatly impeded by the Ministerial Order issued by the Transport Minister on February 6th. www.tc.gc.ca/eng/railsafety/ministerial-order-pursuant-to-section-32-01-railway-safety-act-mO-20-02.html

We thank you for your patience and remain committed to minimizing the impact, to the extent that we can, on our customers, our supply chain partners, the Canadian economy, trade in general and Canadians.


The blockade in Ontario is on our mainline in Tyendinaga, ON east of Belleville, ON. This blockade continues to block the movement of goods between Western and Eastern Canada and between Eastern Canada and Midwest USA. This is the 6th consecutive day that our double tracked mainline has been shut down.

The blockade in British Columbia is on our mainline in New Hazelton, BC, west of Smithers, BC. The blockade continues to block all traffic in and out of the Ports of Prince Rupert and Kitimat, BC. This is the 4th consecutive day that our main line has been shut down in this location.

A public statement from the individuals blocking the lines explained that their actions are in solidarity with the pipeline opposition movement and are unrelated to CN's activities. In Tyendinaga, ON and New Hazelton, BC, the court has issued Orders restraining any person from trespassing on CN’s right-of-way and interfering with CN’s operations. We continue to work with local enforcement agencies to enforce the orders; however, the protesters are refusing to comply.



We will continue to provide updates as they become available.



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