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Ambassador Bridge "Temporarily" Closed

Dear Customer,


The Canadian Border Services Agency has listed the Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan as "temporarily closed," as demonstrators continues to block traffic at the international crossing into a second day.


Traffic entering and leaving Canada along the Ambassador Bridge was being blocked by protesters Monday night, with the demonstration showing no signs of ending. 


The demonstration is tied to an ongoing nationwide protest over federal rules for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated Canadian truckers entering Canada from the U.S., which took effect earlier this month.


It mandates that truckers who are not fully vaccinated must get a PCR test and quarantine.


The United States implemented a similar mandate on Jan. 22 requiring that all U.S.-bound travelers — including truckers — show proof they've had the required shots.


The blockade of vehicles has disrupted services and halted traffic at one of the busiest international land border crossings in Canada.


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is advising motorists to cross into Detroit from Windsor using the tunnel, which is located about three kilometers east of the bridge along the Detroit River.


The CBSA is also recommending that commercial trucks reroute to Blue Water Bridge. 


The agency said those recommendations would be in place "until further notice."


We are continuing to monitor and will provide further update as available.


In the interim, we are working to provide alternative carrier and routing options for those cargos impacted.






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