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Please find below an excerpt from an article published to the industry by the Port of Montreal:



In May 2021, the Government of Canada enacted a special law ordering the resumption and continuation of port activities, to put an end to the longshoremen's strike at the Port of Montreal. An arbitrator was appointed to deliver a binding arbitration collective agreement between the parties involved, namely the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) and the Longshoremen's Union (CUPE).


On December 9, the arbitrator rendered his decision, ending the arbitration process. This decision covers a five-year collective agreement, retroactive to January 1, 2019, and ending on December 31, 2023.


The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) welcomes the outcome of the arbitration process which has ended the 2021 labour dispute. 


Meanwhile, we call on the parties to work over the coming months to develop a long-lasting working relation avoiding any future labour disruptions. The Port of Montreal is a crucial public service where any disruption has a significant and concrete impact on the economy, on the flow of goods to consumers, on the importers and exporters businesses in Quebec, Ontario and the US Midwest. 


You can rest assured that the MPA continues to work towards the recognition of the strategic and essential nature of the Port of Montreal and the strengthening of the Canadian port system, particularly through the process underway within the Government of Canada to strengthen our country’s supply chains. 



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