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Following is an excerpt from a recent CN advisory.

The bridge repairs are ongoing and we expect the track to be passable by 19:00 PT today, 13th July. The CN Engineering team continue to work safely and diligently for this reopening.

We want to thank all stakeholders on behalf of the CN team and our customers for the safe recommencement of our operations with speed restrictions. We also want to thank all railroad partners for working with us during this challenging situation which affected many BC residents.

We will continue limited operations on the Lillooet Sub until we are current on staged traffic. We have many trains staged across our network and expect a few days of backlog and will be issuing a limited amount of permits to evacuate traffic from targeted areas and expect to lift the embargo in a few days.

Intermodal traffic is not impacted by this embargo, it is strictly focused on carload traffic. 

The following information applies to Intermodal:

Domestic Intermodal 
We will continue to honor in-gate movement at all terminals across the network during the localized operating pause. This includes originating and destined traffic to Vancouver.

We will continue to closely monitor terminal fluidity, and equipment capacity over the next 48 hours.

Originating and destined domestic traffic to and from Vancouver, expect 72 to 96 hour delays on train departures, and travel time.

International Intermodal
We continue to load import traffic at the Ports located in BC South as car supply with incoming trains improves and yard congestion reduces with trains departing eastbound.
Acceptance of Export loads and empties destined to Ports in Vancouver continue to be restricted, we are reviewing the in gate acceptance of traffic on a case by case basis and will continue to keep you updated as the situation improves.


We will provide further updates as soon as they are available.





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