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Container Shortages

Dear Customer,


An unforeseen cascade of events underpinned by the pandemic has us facing a worldwide container shortage.


In short, there are simply not enough available containers to satisfy current shipping demands.


Much of the container capacity can be found loaded to vessels dwelling outside ports of call worldwide where congestion plagues the supply chain.


In North America we have seen  the liners implement initiatives to return empty containers back to Asia as quickly as possible, stripping exporters of their access and congesting already pressured ports.


While the shortages were initially felt at interior terminal points within North America, we are now seeing the equipment deficits in places such as Toronto which have historically been sheltered from these types of situations given the large import volumes to the region.


Exporters should be cautioned that concerns related to container shortages are expected to persist well in to 2022.


This serious issue with container availability is further compounded by continued vessel disruption and capacity limitations. On-time performance of the vessels is at an all time low and vessel space is becoming harder and harder to secure as the situation continues to deteriorate at this time.  


While we continue to do our upmost to ensure that your cargo moves through the pipeline to its destination, we must advise that we are facing an unprecedented time, and there are many operational and cost factors that are out of our control. 


Please feel free to reach out to your Hensall Global representative should you wish to discuss further or should you have any file specific concerns.


We will endeavor as always to keep you appraised of the situation as it continues to develop.





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