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CP - 2024 Quebec Thaw Restrictions

Dear Customer,


CP has issued following update to the industry:


Quebec Ministry of Transport annual spring thaw weight restrictions.


For our customers shipping to and from the province of Quebec and in preparation for the spring weight restrictions, CPKC will be implementing our reduced weight requirements as outlined below in Tables 1 & 2.


Overweight loads will be returned to the Shipper at the payer of freight’s expense. Domestic shipments where CPKC performs the drayage, weights must be reduced and evenly distributed in the unit in order to avoid possible charges and fines associated with the Quebec and New Brunswick spring thaw restrictions. The payer of freight retains responsibility for any such charges. Please note – at this time the Ministry website reflects predicted dates. If the Government of Quebec issues an earlier date for spring thaw weight restrictions than CPKC’s effective date, we will advise accordingly.

CPKC will advise via Customer Bulletin when the reduced weight restrictions will be lifted, this will be based on Quebec spring thaw restrictions end dates published by the Ministry of Transport.

Final dates to ship without restrictions

The final shipping dates without restrictions are listed below in Table 1. Maximum payload is noted in Table 2. We encourage you to visit the Government of Quebec website here for a complete guide on spring thaw zones, dates, regulations, and restrictions.

Overweight traffic delayed online, but shipped on or before the Last Shipping Date will be delivered by CPKC without the application of overweight charges.


Table 1:


Last shipping date with regular payload weight:


Traffic origin

Quebec Destination

Edmonton IMS

Monday, March 4th

Minneapolis IMS

Monday, March 4th

Vancouver IMS

Monday, March 4th

Calgary IMS

Tuesday, March 5th

Regina IMS

Tuesday, March 5th

Winnipeg IMS

Tuesday, March 5th

Schiller IMS

Tuesday, March 5th

Vaughan IMS



Table 2:


Maximum Payloads - allowable content weight:



Container type

Destination Lachine (Pounds)


53' CPPU Refrigerated



53' CPPU Heater



53' CPPU Dry Van



53' CPPU83 Series



53' CDAU & Former EMHUs re-stenciled to CPPU



40' Marine Dry



Spring Thaw Allowable Axle Weights:


Steer Axle

Drive Axle

Rear Axle











CPKC Dray Restrictions

CPKC will not move any containers with a payload in excess of the Government of Quebec spring thaw weight restrictions on CPKC chassis (Triaxles and Tandems). On all overweight shipments, the payer of freight is responsible for securing their own dray vendor and chassis equipment to move overweight containers to and from CPKC’s Lachine ramp.


Should the payer of freight request CPKC assistance to support movement of overweight load from Lachine terminal, CPKC may arrange for use of a quad axle chassis. Please refer to CPKC’s Tariff 3 for all ancillary charges or click here. The overweight arrangements will be done after receiving written confirmation that the payer understands and accepts the charges. Only live offload deliveries will be permitted.


Shipments moving to/from Lachine IMS, destined for Eastern Ontario


Please click here to refer to CPKC’s Domestic Dray tariff 7551 for a complete list of Ontario cities serviced by Lachine IMS which are subject to spring thaw weight restrictions.

This broadcast is intended for Intermodal customers shipping to Quebec, (excludes International marine traffic). If you have difficulty reading this email, click here to log into Customer Station and view it there.


Service Plan (22, 25, 62, & 65)


CPKC will not load any overweight containers on CPKC chassis (Triaxles and Tandems) as per the Government of Quebec spring thaw weight restrictions after CPKC’s spring thaw start date of March 18th 2024. When booking a load as Door-to-Ramp or Ramp-to-Ramp, the payer of freight is responsible for securing their own dray vendor and chassis equipment at destination Lachine IMS ramp.



Please be guided accordingly.






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