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CN - Update on Unifor negotiation

Dear Customer,


CN has issued the following update to the industry:



I am writing to provide a status of our collective bargaining with Unifor, the union that represents approximately 3,000 colleagues working in various departments such as Mechanical, Intermodal, and Facility Management, and in clerical positions in Canada.

Discussions with Unifor have been ongoing since October 2022 and the Union filed for conciliation in December 2022. To protect your business and the North American supply chain, CN presented a monetary proposal including wages and benefits to the union on February 14, 2023. On numerous occasions, we requested the union’s response to this offer to progress the discussion, but CN has yet to receive any response to its comprehensive offer.

CN remains committed to achieving a negotiated settlement and avoiding any labour action, which could occur as early as March 21, 2023. Earlier this week, Unifor indicated that they have received support for a strike mandate with their members. As a result, consistent with our protocols and in an effort to protect our customers, we diligently began to take action to mitigate the impact of a potential disruption. 

CN will leverage management employees to maintain activities and we do not expect any labour action to impact our carload operations or our CNTL trucking services. We do expect to begin ramping down some parts of intermodal operations as of March 14, 2023.

In the event of a Unifor strike, CN will maintain intermodal services to all ports in Canada as well as inland terminals in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. All terminals in the United States will remain open.

For containers destined to Prince George, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Moncton, final cut offs will be dependant on the container’s origin and destination, and the cut off may start as early as March 14.  

CN remains committed to doing everything necessary to reach an agreement with Unifor that balances the interests of employees, the company and our stakeholders, avoids any labour action, and protects the supply chain.



We are continuing to monitor and will provide further information as it is made available.


Please be guided accordingly.





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